четверг, 26 марта 2015 г.

Read essay of the 8th candidate from Indonesia.

Hallo. My name is Muhammad Rizal, I come from the country of Indonesia. I was a student university Syiah kuala Aceh, Indonesia. I am very interested in the program "enjoy russia" organized by the Russian language institute ("enjoy russia") in the area Petrozavods. I am interested in because of language learning russia historical background Indonesian relations with Russia (formerly called the Soviet Union). I think Russia has a culture that is almost equal to Indonesia and there are some who entered into the Russian language Indonesian dictionary. Although I do not speak Russian well and good. I hope with this prorgram I could learn the culture, education, Russian language as a whole (to know Russian culture closer). For me, the Russian state is a brother to the State Indonesia in everything good information, technology, education and culture. For me the Russian community is very friendly and kind to foreigners who study Russian culture and language. I've read the history of good relations with the state Russian Indonesian state (the Soviet Union). Where the Indonesian president that President Soekarno had a good relationship with Nikita Khrushchev. in the history of Indonesian relations with Russia very closely and well. Historically many Indonesian students studying in the Russian (Soviet Union) as the cultural, economic, educational and cultural russia. I think that Russia is a favorite place for Indonesia. Through prorgram "enjoy russia" I hope this relationship will be even better in the future Indonesia.

By Muhammad Rizal, Indonesia

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