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Must visited events in Petrozavodsk in June, 2015

Must visited events in Petrozavodsk in June, 2015

Looking for effective Russian language courses this summer? Still not sure what time is the best to come to Petrozavodsk? Why not try studying in June! The first summer month in Petrozavodsk is truly amazing. The town is getting greener day by day. The weather is usually sunny and warm. It is a period of unforgettable white nights – you can enjoy walking with friends 24/7. But staying in Petrozavodsk is far from just enjoying its views. June is full of exciting events that must be visited by any guest of the town.


Republic Day – June, 8th  2015
The 8th of June, 1920 is the date of creating of Labor Commune. This date was chosen to be named officially as Republic Day in 1999. Since that time it has become one of the most favorite public celebrations in Karelia. Lots of entertaining events are held all over the town. Craft market and folk bands performances are among the most popular of them.


VOZDUH (The Air) – June, 19-21th 2015
Three days of personal freedom and live music – that is the atmosphere of the open-air rock festival that has been the essential part of Karelian summer since 2005. Dozens of Russian and foreign musicians are coming to Petrozavodsk to perform on two stages on the former airport field near the picturesque Onego Lake. Three days of live shows, thousands of viewers and tons of positive emotions!


Petrozavodsk’s Birthday – June, the 27th 2015
As you may already know Petrozavodsk appeared in 1703, when Peter the great had founded an ordnance factory neat the bottom of the Lossosinka river. Although it gained the statues of town later, this year is commonly believed as Petrozavodsk’s foundation. The Birthday is widely celebrated. The historical center of the city becomes a pedestrian area. Lots of stages are built in every town neighborhood. Lots of concerts and performances are held. The celebration ends up with impressive fireworks on the Onego Lake embarkment.


White nights period – every June

Belye Nochi (as it is called in Russia) is the incredible northern midsummer phenomenon, when the sky remains light during the whole night. White Nights in Karelia are longer and brighter than in St. Petersburg. During this period the sun does not descend below the horizon enough for the sky to grow dark. Nights become light that the authorities never need to turn the city's streetlights on! You can enjoy walking with your friend all nights long.