вторник, 24 марта 2015 г.

Lessons, welcome tea-party and excursion with volunteer – that was the first day of new students!

First intensive lessons of Russian, meeting host families, welcome tea-party and excursion round city center – that is how our new students from Scotland have spent their first day in Petrozavodsk!

Four students of from Glasgow have arrived in Petrozavodsk early in the morning by train. First of all they met their host families and were pleased to find them nice and friendly. At 9 o’clock the first Russian language lesson started. The students met their teacher Olga Eliseeva. They were given all needed materials that had been created by Enjoy Russian language school teachers. Although our guests had to wake up very early the first lesson turned to be very productive.

After the lessons new students were welcomed on a tea-party by Enjoy Russian and Initiative center stuff. Everybody told a few words about themselves. David who is 35, works as a real estate appraiser, decided to learn Russian as he is deliberating the opportunity of making his business here. Besides that he is fond of travelling (he has been to Poland, Roman and Spain) and believes that the language skills are always useful. That is not his first time in Russian, but the first time in Karelia.

Stiven, 30, is a film-editor from Scotland. He studies Russian as he would like lo learn more about Russian movies and Russian film industry. This trip is his first coming to Russia. Thomas, 24, was born in Liverpool but nowadays is studying Philosophy in Glasgow. He is very interested in Russian culture. That is his second trip to Russia. Sara is learning Russian as she is dreaming of being able to read Russian literature in original.

One of the meeting participants was Yana Larina. Yana is 19. She is a student of Petrozavodsk state university. Yana major in English language. History of Petrozavodsk used to be her hobby since school time. She was glad to show the students Petrozavodsk city center. The students even were desperate enough to walk on the Onego Lake that is covered with ice nowadays!

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