четверг, 16 января 2014 г.

Would you like to get closer to one of spring Russian Traditions?!
Would you like to feel really full-fed?!
Would you like to taste true Russian blinis with a caviar, sour-cream, honey, jam…?! so many tastes, so many variants of filling!!!

At Maslenitsa pancakes are cooked in very large quantities to be used in almost every ritual, they are given to friends and family all through the week. Pancakes are served with caviar , mushrooms, jam, sour cream, and of course, lots of butter.

And we are proud of Russian guy of 33years old who set a Guinness world record concerning eating pancakes (blini). The record was set in 2008 year in a village Lahta near St Petersburg! The man ate 73 blinis in 60 minutes!!! Can you imagine?! The total weight of pancakes eaten was more than 2 kilograms!!!!

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