пятница, 10 января 2014 г.

Warm souvenirs from Spring 2013!
Joan Dobbie, Scotland
I was in language School Enjoy Russian from 1st of April to 12th of April in 2013. Content of the language course was excellent. Teaching materials were very varied. We learn Russian Language by using written materials and films. It was great. We had different discussions in Russian. My living conditions were amazing. Host family was very friendly and helpful, particularly following my accident. They allowed access to Russian, food and culture. I had Internet access at home. By the way my host family was very welcoming. Cultarul program was good. Excursions to Kivach and to Museum were very well run and very interesting. Anyone who volunteers is to ne recommended. All of them were very interested to talk to us and It was good of them to give their time. Organization and administration of program were excellent. Any information I requested was easily given! I have good general impression about the program. I recommend this program to other people because It is a great way to take part in immersion program. Our teacher Arina is very friendly. She helped us to understand Russian language better. It’s good to know something is still in there. Thank you!

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