пятница, 1 марта 2013 г.

Today is the first spring day)) but the weather isn’t very delightful! It snows and it’s about -10C!
Today our Carolina had her last lesson and she promised us to come back one day as this almost all our students do! We will be waiting for you ;)

Another student Karin has chosen volunteering program. So now her lessons are over and during the first week of  March she will be occupied by volunteering as a manager in Tourist Information Center. But it isn’t  so interesting as the second part of the project! Karin will be staying in the country called Kudama, on the farm of the wolf-like Alasan huskies.
Can you imagine?! Wonderful Karelian landscapes, still winter forest, but spring air, all modern conveniences and friendly cute dogs! Karin, hope you won’t decide to stay there forever ;)

At the beginning of March we are waiting for new students! Hope that they will bring us warm and sunny weather from UK!  Guys, please don’t forget to pack the sun in your luggage !!!
And the latest news is very welcome for us!!!Tomorrow the repair of our office begins!!! Soon we will meet our students in a renovated room!