четверг, 7 марта 2013 г.

Our latest news!
“Spring is coming!”  -  this is favorite topic to argue on among us and our students this week J You know, we, Russians, we believe that the spring begins on the 1st of March! And it doesn’t matter that it is -20C outside and that sometimes it still snows)) It is just Spring, very special, but Spring! Small sparrows tweet loudly early in the morning when the town still sleeps, during the day you enjoy first sunbeams!
Our students think otherwise! In their countries  Spring begins with green grass, flowers, warm weather! So it’s hard for them to value our wintry Spring!

 Guys, even  don’t try to understand it, just enjoy ;)
Tomorrow is the sunniest day in the Spring, the day when all women  are especially beautiful!!! This is the most wonderful moment for magic admissions and wonderful deeds, man! Take a chance ;)
Our students have a party today, devoted to Spring, 8th of March, Peace and Love)))
Would you like to join us next time?! ;) please, apply at our web!