четверг, 25 августа 2016 г.

Have you ever been to Russian banya?! 
You can't skip this place if you are in Russia and want experience Russian way of life! 

Banya is the place where you can not only wash yourself, but also improve your health! 

Russian banya’s recipe for success is “steam+heat”. Temperature inside is about 70C and humidity is almost 100%. It allows to warm-up human’s body deeply. To make this process more effective different brooms (oak, birch, pine etc.) are used for massage. 

Usually there are two rooms in Russian banya –dressing room and steam room. In the last one the main process usually happens. 

So how to visit banya? Step by step 
1) Before going to a steam room remove clothes (you can wear a bathing costume), rings, necklace, take off make-up. 
2) Take a shower or swill yourself. Don’t wet your hair, put on a special hat or use a towel to hide your hair and not to get a heat stroke. 
3) For the first time stay in the steam room no longer than 5-7 minutes and put a broom into a bowl with warm water to make its leaves softer. 
4) There is a stove with special stones on it in the steam room. As soon as the stones get hot you should water them. You can do it each time you need more steam and heat. 
5) As soon as it is steamy enough you can start take a steam bath and massage yourself with a broom. Wave broom in the air and pat slightly yourself or your friend with a broom. 
6) After each visit of the steam room you can stay in the dressing room and put a towel round yourself. 
It is better to visit banya regularly - once per week or twice per month. 
And relax! 
Food and drinks. It is better to eat 1-1,5 hour before banya start.Take along a thermos with hot/warm tea. 

Seize your chance! Learn Russian and experience Russian banya this autumn