среда, 31 июля 2013 г.

We are happy to present you Victoria’s summary about her wonderful experience as a volunteer in RLS “ER”. During her stay she managed to volunteer in a language camp for kids and in a  Charitable Foundation “Mother’s Heart”.
“Volunteering at the English language summer camp was a great experience. I was working with children aged 7-10 and they were very enthusiastic about being able to practice their English language skills. We played games, did crafts and went on excursions. My favorite excursions involved sand painting and making “kalitki” at a local restaurant. I think I had just as much fun as the children did!

Volunteering at Mother’s Heart was a very special experience. It is a great organization that is doing wonderful things for the children of Karelia. I spent one day a week at the organization’s office learning more about the work that they do so that I can be an ambassador for their fund. I also spent another day once a week at a social center working with the children who live there. We did art project master classes which were intended to promote creativity and socialization. This is very important work and the children really seem to enjoy the visits. I’m very happy I had the opportunity to work with Mother’s Heart while I was in Russia.”
Being a volunteer in different projects  is the perfect way to master your Russian for free. You can choose from a variety of fields in which to volunteer, for example:
“National food party (show)”:
 If you like to cook you can teach kids how to cook the traditional dish from your country involving them in the process and turning cooking in a game. This event takes place in the restaurant “Begemot” in the weekend.
“Cultural weekends”:
During this event you can show kids cartoons, teach them your national games and let them teach you the Russian ones. “Weekends” take place in the ice-cream café “Iceverk” in the weekend.
“Funny English”
These events give you the possibility to teach Russian kids English and tell them about European countries in a funny way. It will be held during English classes at our school for young learners (7-12 years) on weekdays.
Join us and try yourself in challenging projects ;)