понедельник, 29 июля 2013 г.

Our News! 29.07 2013
Last Friday our guys went to karaoke, at the "Sigmund Freud" club to celebrate the end of their stay in Petrozavodsk!!! It was a great party! Our students, teachers, volunteers, Russian youth all together singing different songs, dancing all night long ))) Abbi, you were great;) the Best Singer of “SF” ;)
Stuart and Eric also performed a song for us and the Russian audience! The second try was really good ;) Guys, practice makes perfect))
Unfortunately, almost all students left this weekend. They got their certificates and left our school.
Congratulations guys! Your Russian has improved impressively during the time here!
Other activities of last week included visiting the local museum of regional history and watching a Russian movie together, which left a lot of positive impressions on our students.
We had an amazing time together, and we want to wish all of the best!
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