вторник, 29 января 2013 г.

Usually when our students come we offer them a huge cultural program! When they get an invitation to go to the art gallery "Puppet's House they seem to be surprised! So! The gallery offers an exhibition of Tatiana Kalinina's puppets, which is called “Karelian Spirits”. According to the popular legend, spirits (of houses, of barns, of courtyards, thresh-barns, banyas) were Adam's illegitimate children who hid them from God. In order to punish them God forbid them to appear in the daylight, so they became actually invisible and showed up in the night time. This provoked the negative attitude towards these creatures, based on the human fear.
The message of the exhibition is to change the situation. Relations between spirits and human beings are like a game with certain rules. When people don't break the rules nothing bad happens. But if they cross the line they are severely punished. Don't be afraid of spirits; learn to get along with them!