четверг, 17 января 2013 г.

Few days ago our students were in bowling club! Guys have already managed to become friends in night club last week, so now they made a cool squady! Nicolas became our winner! Almost every his shot was striking!  And by the way on the eve Nicolas told that he’d played only once before! Can you imagine?! :)
Steve and Nick kept up with Nicolas! They took the second and the third places! Bravo, guys!!!

We hope that our students are good in cooking as well as in activities!! Because this Friday they have a National Food party! The task given is to cook any traditional meal which represents national cuisine! Our Russian volunteers are preparing Russian national meals such as Blini, Oladji, Pirogi! Such a great possibility to taste absolutely new meals!

Some days our students are free from courses! This is the time when they may stay at home with their host families, may visit museums or cinemas or clubs which are not included in Enjoy Russian school’s program!
Two days ago Nicolas decided to take pleasure in skiing! It is usually said that Karelia is a land of woods and lakes! Even here in Petrozavodsk you can find little islands of pristine wood where world-class ground for biathlon is situated with the ski trials of perfect quality! So, we hope Nicolas’s relished  the majestic winter scenery. The clear air and the endless snowy forest makes you feel healthier and happier!
On Monday we wait our new students!  Jamie and Helen from UK had already been at our school this summer!  Obviously students liked our Russian Language School Enjoy Russian!!!
If you are willing to taste National Russian meals, if you want to find new friends from all over the world, if you want to immerse yourself in Russian Culture and learn Russian Language we are waiting for you!!! Apply here ;)