среда, 24 мая 2017 г.

That feeling when you can’t find a Russian word in a dictionary… What is it? What’s wrong? Do I spell it right? Is it a swear word?
Maybe that’s the time for you to learn more about Russian stylistics. Actually I’m sure you know exactly what’s a stylistics just from your own language. You don’t always use the same words with friends and your boss. Your language is different in books and when people speak it in the street, isn’t it? Those are different styles of the language. In Russian we have those too of course. We have a bookish language and a colloquial one. The bookish language is more neutral, not that emotional, while the colloquial Russian is what you hear from people in oral conversations or on TV in Russian movies and TV-series. If you’ve reached B1/B2 level you might want to start expanding your vocabulary with Russian slang. There are a few examples:
куча = много: У меня куча дел = У меня много дел.
девчонка = девушка, девочка: Девчонки, вы такие красивые! = Девушки, вы такие красивые!
вкалывать = много и тяжело работать: Я на работе вкалываю с утра до ночи, а ты даже посуду помыть не можешь! = Я на работе так тяжело работаю с утра до ночи, а ты даже посуду помыть не можешь!
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