вторник, 22 ноября 2016 г.

What is the best and fastest way to learn the Russian language?

Here are some useful tips:
- Taking intensive language course,
Studying with a professional Russian teacher,
- Watching Russian films,
- Reading Russian literature,
Listening to Russian music,
Talking to a Russian friend to practice modern Russian,
Having fun while learning,
Finding motivation,
Being able to use Russian in practice.

And here is an all-in-one solution:     

Program of full language immersion in Russia combining effective Russian course with Russian teachers, homestay in a Russian family, Russian speaking clubs and practicing Russian with local students!

Join EnjoyRussian language School in Petrozavodsk, Russia!
Dates of group courses in winter 2017:
January, 09-20 (save 40 euros for tuition!)
January, 23-February, 3
February,03-March, 06
Individual course is always available!

Contact us: info@enjoyrussian.com

P.S. There is a Scholarship contest for the Spring courses - the School covers 2-week tuition in a group! http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/16257/19515/