понедельник, 15 декабря 2014 г.

This weekend we met guests willing to learn foreign languages (English, Finnish, German, Italian, Spanish…) in Petrozavodsk, to accommodate foreign students in families, to study abroad… 

Everybody had a chance to get acquainted with our Centre “Initiative” and our Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian”! Language workshops and interesting presentations about our programs, playing games in English with Jared Leets (our student from USA) and tasting traditional finish gingerbreads with Darja, our teacher of Finnish.

From the other hand Students from USA, Poland and Belgium finished their courses of Russian and left our School! Jared stayed with us during 1,5 months and now he speaks perfectly Russian) 3rd Certificate level! Patrycja, Vanessa and Claudia had a chance to visit a concert of traditional Karelian Ensemble while their stay in Petrozavodsk!