среда, 17 сентября 2014 г.

You are willing to learn Russian but your budget is limited? You want to achieve the fast progress in Russian but don’t want to follow usual classes? You want to immerse into a Russian lifestyle and find new friends?

Choose the program "Volunteer and Learn Russian". 3 reasons to come to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian and volunteer with Russian language school "Enjoy Russian":

1. Immerse into the Russian culture and improve your Russian. Our School is located in a small cosy town which completely differs from large, noisy megalopolises as Moscow or St Petersburg. People are friendly; you feel like at home and can always rely on people’s help.

2. Volunteering is the effective way of learning Russian. Implementing different volunteer projects you find friends, meet interesting people, learn to be sociable, to interact with people of different culture, ages, religions and philosophies and PRACTICE RUSSIAN.

3. We aim to make your preparation and the stay itself as easy and worry-free as possible. We will help you prepare for the trip, including getting your visa, and help you get settled in Petrozavodsk before you begin your program.     Apply!