четверг, 12 декабря 2013 г.

Volunteering – is great! It teaches you and it gives you friends!

This week we’ve managed to carry through another very sapid and useful workshop with our student Jessica! The project was named “Italian-Russian. Skills exchange!”. Jessica, our student from Italy, and Elena, Russian student who is whiling to learn about Italy as much as she only can, met in a cozy room to drink coffee and to teach each other languages through traditions and culture. The first topic was devoted to “Italian- Russian Cuisines” and the last – to “Stereotypes: what Italians think about Russians”. Time has passed very fast! Hope Girls found out a lot of pithy info and became friends, although in facebook ;)

Tomorrow Jessica leaves! She has been here for 5 weeks and the teacher says she made a real progress! The first day she came – she could neither speak nor understand. Now she speaks, understands and feel the Russian!

And you?! Do you want to learn Russian?! We will teach you! For SURE!!!